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Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 4:30PM

Michigan guide switches to Angler Qwest and doesn’t look back!


            “I think my Pro Troll is one of the only TRUE dual-purpose boats on the water,” he said.  “It offers everything I need to get after fish and everything my clients needs to catch them in comfort and safety.”

            Chamberlin had a deep-V for a while but decided it was time for a switch.

            “My kids are getting older,” he said.  “My wife suggested a pontoon. I didn’t want two boats and we heard about Angler Qwest and gave one a test drive.”

            The family was impressed by the layout for both fishing and pleasure boating- especially compared to their fishing boat.

            “Even though the Pro Troll was a 24-footer,” he said.  “It’s so roomy and well thought out in terms of the floor plan you’d swear you were in a 30-footer.  So much space.”

            Despite the roominess in the boat, Chamberlin said it doesn’t feel big, when towed.

            “I trailer the boat 90 percent of the time,” he said.  “It’s easy to tow.  Actually, it’s easy to launch and load too.  You don’t even need to power-load it to get on the rack.”

            With a lot of surface area, a person might think that a tri-toon might be hard to keep on a solid track when trolling, but that’s not the case.

            “I’ve had no issues trolling,” he said.  “If I’m jigging for perch or something, between Spot-lock on my trolling motor, or in bad winds having to put out some sea anchors, it’s been an easy transition.”

            His clients love the boat and so does the guide- so why is it that more people aren’t fishing pontoons as diehard fishing rigs?

            “I think they will in time,” he said.  “Seven years ago, you if you went to some marinas in Saginaw Bay there wouldn’t have been one Angler Qwest.  Now, it’s the boat you see most of.  I think other areas will catch on as more people realize how great they are in rough water. I go out sometimes when others stay in.  I’m that confident that in winds 30 miles per hour or less, my Pro Troll will do just fine.”

            For a great guided trip and to see the Angler Qwest difference, check out


Michigan guide switches to Angler Qwest and doesn’t look back!
Michigan guide switches to Angler Qwest and doesn’t look back!

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