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What type of sonar is best for your new pontoon boat?
  While Angler Qwest can handle today’s huge screens right in the console, anglers who kick things up a notch are mounting forward-facing sonars like Panoptix on the bow and others add sonar to the stern as well.
Serious anglers DO CHOOSE Angler Qwest
“Ultimately as we have families and or get older, versatility, comfort and ease of use become the main factors in the boats we run,” Bergsma said. “As a fishing platform, NO OTHER boat can match the AQ line in the above three categories.”
Angler Qwest helps get 104-year-old angler out on the water
Stability, and easy-boarding helped If it were a little under 100 years ago, you might find Joe Riha fishing the bank of a Michigan river for his favorite species: perch.  It was, and still is, his favorite fish to pursue, but at 104 years old, he doesn’t get after them much...


Texas Boats and Outdoors Boat show

4/21/2023 to 4/23/2023